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What Our Chiropractic Clients Say About Our Care

Read what our patients in Honolulu say about our chiropractors and the care they’ve received.

“In Dr. Robert, I found an advocate to help me manage the pain levels of fibromyalgia…someone who was willing to work with the challenges and frustrations.  Suffering from a chronic illness for many years, it was a blessing to find a doctor who was compassionate, concerned and willing to work with the many challenges brought to him.  Sometimes it is very difficult to find a doctor who will listen and take your suffering seriously.  Dr. Robert is a caring and compassionate doctor and having an advocate like him by your side is priceless.  His treatments are extremely gentle and he works with what your body needs.  I highly recommend his chiropractic office.  He is one of a kind.”

– Diane Hostetter


“Prior to meeting Dr. Anderson, I had incredible pain throughout my chest and back. I rarely went anywhere. Small tasks like walking down the street weren’t possible. I was sent to numerous chiropractors and physical therapists. No one could tell me what was wrong. Plus, various doctors recommended countless drugs, all of which didn’t work. I was a skeptic at first but thanks to Dr. Anderson, I am off the medication and the pain has dropped by over half. He not only listened to me but suggested tips on exercises that could help prevent the same problem from happening again. Now, I can do errands and enjoy time with my wonderful baby. Life is great and much more relaxing!”

– Vanessa Lane


“I was referred to Dr. Anderson by my cousin. Our whole family sees Dr. Anderson for adjustments. In fact, whenever my sons are sick or injured their first thought is to call him – not their pediatrician. Dr. Anderson is not only interested in treating your current problems but in helping you to prevent future problems. Thanks to him we take fewer drugs and are more aware of both our health and our bodies.”

-Lori Kaulukukui Chiffy


“A fall many years ago caused me to experience everything from periodic general discomfort to severe bouts of pain. After I began regular treatment sessions with Dr. Anderson the pain not only diminished but often was non-existent. With my aging body, the real value of being pain free is not in the “instant” relief but in the way my body responds to the adjustments. Life becomes easy. Many of my referrals started as chiropractic skeptics and now are true believers. I’ve continued to see Dr. Anderson not only because of his quality of care and professionalism, but for the comfortable atmosphere and friendly environment.”

-Teri Montano


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