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Wellness Goes Beyond Our Chiropractic Office

At Ohana Chiropractic Center our focus isn’t just a response to existing health issues, it’s about Standard Process Logoyour Overall Wellness. That means improving and maintaining your health, so you feel good every day, not just after a visit to our office.

One of the ways we’re pursuing that is through quality supplements that provide both nutrition and benefits that keep you well, day in and day out. That’s why we’ve chosen Standard Process to recommend to our patients.

We especially love the Individual Packs, which center on different needs. With these you get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are right for you. No gathering different bottles every day or trying to remember which ones to take when. You grab a pack and you’re good.

Easy to Remember Means Easy to Maintain Your Wellness

You can get this simplicity in 4 different products:

General Health Daily Fundamentals – Daily Packs with:
–  Catalyn, which provides a range of vitamins and minerals that come from whole foods and other ingredients
–  Trace Minerals B to promote enzymatic reactions through combining nutrients
–  Tuna Omega 3 Oil that gives you 60mg EPA omega-3 fatty acids and 300mg DHA that strengthen your brain, eye and joint health.

Bone Health Daily Fundamentals – Daily Packs with:
–  Calcifood to promote the calcium absorption that’s so important to your bone structure
–  Cataplex D, which sustains and supports bone density
–  Cruciferous Complete to get calcium where it needs to be – in your bones
–  Ostrophin PMG to support your healthy bone function

Adrenal Health Daily Fundamentals – Daily Packs with:
–  Drenamin to support adrenal function along with promoting emotional health and energy levels
–  Paraplex, which promotes cellular health as well as the health of your pancreas, pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands
–  Cataplex A-C-P to support your immune system, cell maintenance and your cardiovascular health

General Female Endocrine Daily Fundamentals – Daily Packs with:
–  Catalyn which delivers nutrients for your overall well-being and healthy cell function
–  Symplex F to support the healthy function of ovaries, but also your adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands
–  Black Currant Seed Oil which promotes your tissue repair process as well as proper eicosanoid synthesis
–  Tuna Omega 3 Oil to give you vital omega-3 fatty acids plus benefits of emotional balance and healthy skin and hair
–  Hypothalamus PMG to support the health and function of hypothalamus tissue


Just take a daily pack and you’re ready for the day. That’s the kind of daily wellness we can all do. Ask us about Standard Process and make things easy – and healthy – for you!

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