Catalyn Benefits For You

Posted on November 29th, 2011

We all know vitamins are good for our bodies, perhaps you are even a regular vitamin-taker, but did you know that the quality of vitamins you consume makes a huge difference on their effectiveness? A multivitamin with more ingredients than your body can absorb, or should absorb, may actually have reverse effects on your health! In addition, the quality of the vitamins you take makes a big difference too.  


In our office, one of the multivitamins we use is called Catalyn.  It’s a vitamin made from “whole food” ingredients, which means it is made from actual fruits and vegetables, rather than from man-made nutrients.  Because it’s made from whole foods, it contains all the enzymes and co-factors that are in food.  This is important because the effectiveness of vitamins on your body is drastically altered when vitamins are separated from their enzymes.  Catalyn supports the physiological and biological processes of your body.  Also, all the ingredients used in Catalyn are Certified Organic!


So, what are some of the ingredients in Catalyn that can help you? Living in Hawaii, we all have to take caution in caring for our skin – the vitamin A in Catalyn works as an antioxidant and is vital for new cell growth and vitamin C is able to support the growth and repair of skin tissues and cells. Catalyn is also essential to the overall health of your heart, as it promotes healthy circulation, aids in moderating homocysteine levels and helps your heart maintain a normal rhythm. Last, but certainly not least, Catalyn aids in metabolism. Who doesn’t love a healthy metabolism? The vitamin B complex in Catalyn supports energy metabolism — the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Furthermore, it supports immune and nervous system function.  There’s a lot to this multivitamin!


A multivitamin is a good plan for anyone, but we encourage you to research the quality of your multivitamin. If you are unsure, give us a call to learn more about how Catalyn can benefit you.