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How Chiropractors Treat Whiplash Injuries

The Path to Relief from Pain for Car Accident Victims

At our office we often see patients who have injuries from car accidents, especially whiplash. Whiplash is the result of the neck being rapidly forced forward and backward, causing a range of problems and pain immediately. The effects are especially felt because this area of the body is critical to daily functioning, as anyone who’s ever worn a neck brace can tell you.

Chiropractic treatment can be extremely beneficial to whiplash injuries, not only by restoring the mobility and strength of the neck, but also reducing the pain you experience. This care also heads off further problems that can happen in the time after the accident.

The Chiropractor’s Treatment Process for Whiplash

Coming in as soon as possible after the accident is important as the chiropractor can help in reducing the inflammation and pain, usually through very gentle stretching and other methods. Once that is achieved, your practitioner will move on to bringing back the movement and stability of your neck with spinal manipulations and other therapies.

The purpose behind this is to first establish stabilization and then work toward your restoration and healing. Another essential aim is to target the possibility of chronic pains that last long after the event, a too common result.

The 3 Methods Used Most Often for Patients

Although whiplash is thought of as one specific issue, the chiropractic treatment is always performed to your specific needs and problem areas. So your regimen and care might be different from a friend who also has experienced this same issue. However, they can be generally summed up in 3 categories:

  1. Adjustments performed by your Chiropractor
    Methods such as the Flexion Distraction Technique, which uses slow, gentle pushing of affected areas, or Specific Spinal Manipulations, where spinal joints that show motion restrictions or problems are manipulated to return them to a normal state.
  2. Stimulation and Relaxation of Muscles
    The chiropractor will stretch affected muscles and muscle areas and apply pressure where needed to relieve rigidity and stress.
  3. McKenzie Exercises
    There are a few exercises that create relief and healing in a chiropractor’s toolbox. The most
    common prescribed for whiplash patients, though, are McKenzie Exercises, which consist of
    simple movements that are easy to learn and can be done at home. It’s one way you can be an
    active participant in your healing.

There’s more options beyond these, but this should give you a good idea of the chiropractic process for treating whiplash patients. Complete restoration is not accomplished overnight, but you can start on the road to feeling and being better with your first appointment.

Your Relief Can Begin Right Now

Contact us today and we’ll answer your questions or even set an appointment to begin your healing. We have years of experience with whiplash injuries and auto accident victims, so we know how to help you. Don’t wait for the pain to go away. Do something about it.


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