What Is Kinesio Taping?

Kinesio taping actually has a broad range of applications, though it’s most famous for showing up on top athletes, including many during recent Olympics. So what exactly does it do?

Kinesio Taping on Upper Back & Neck

Basically, it has 3 keys:

  1. The thickness and flexibility of the tape mirrors that of your skin.
    In other words it doesn’t restrict your movement one way or another, nor does it feel unnatural. Unlike traditional bandages, wraps or other treatments, this is that 2nd Skin that so many products aspire to, but seldom truly attain. It works with your body, not against it.
  2. Lifts your skin a small, but crucial amount.
    That little extra room goes a long way to reducing your pain and inflammation. That’s why it’s now commonly applied to patients with issues or injuries that need healing, but don’t, or no longer, need immobilization, like a cast. The taping gives you free movement, or something close to it, while allowing your body to recover and mend itself.
  3. Kinesio taping stabilizes & supports your arm, leg and back area & muscles – or many other places it can be applied on your body.
    This benefit is for multiple applications, including injury recovery, treating persistent joing & muscle issues as well as aiding athletes, due to the rigorous movements they go through daily. Football and volleyball players, long-distance paddlers and runners are good examples of the kinds of people that get huge benefits from Kinesio taping. That support is vital to keep the muscles from tiring, while also adding strength to a weakened limb or a lower back area.

What Conditions Does Kinesio Taping Treat or Help With?

The list is long, but Kinesio taping is especially effective for joint and muscle pain & injuries, including issues created by repetitive movement, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This problem has been widespread in recent years, due to so much work being done on computers and digital devices today.

The support it offers also makes it perfect for helping those with posture problems, whether it’s just a history of bad posture or poor muscle tone or if you have an actual muscular imbalance. Instead of a brace, this just might be your solution.

Those recovering from surgery on the shoulders, joints, ligaments or muscles can all benefit from it as well. It provides the kind of support needed during that time when your body is working to rebuild.

If you’re experiencing any of these, whether recently or long term, you might find the help you need through this treatment.

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